I'm not looking for anything.

Stay the night, hold me real tight. Leave in the morning, so I will be mourning. Ignore me all day, I might just stay. Call me at the night time, maybe for a long time? Do what you want, just stay quiet. icamedeadlastinaonehorserace.tumblr.com  Mindless Cunt[s] Attending.

Don't look down.

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Tie me to the bed
And fuck with my head.
Kiss me on the lips
whilst I scratch your hips.
Look me in the eyes
And I’ll bite your lovely thighs.
Fuck me. Fuck you.
Turn me on.

Make me bleed
And I will feed.
Pull my hair
While we’re both bare.
Bite my neck,
What the heck?
My pain is your pleasure
And my undeserving leisure.
Get me off.

I wont say no as long as you don’t say yes.
Shall we?


if u think i’m attractive u probably have the world’s lowest standards 

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